I’m a writer, photographer, and Reiki Master practitioner. I rescue old beagles. I keep a lot of them. I’ve moved from Virginia to California 8 times. I’ve driven cross-country 15 times. I now live in the mountains of California’s Central Coast. At my 10-year high school reunion, I won the award for Most Jobs Held Since Graduation. Two reunions later I’ve had more jobs than birthdays. I recognize there’s both some wisdom and humor in that. I’m the poster girl for “wherever you go there you are,” and I’ve learned that we don’t change unless our perspectives do. I believe that rethinking our story and rewriting our script to one where we are the hero is the key to recreating and reshaping our lives. I am not a victim. Neither are you.

In my life and healing practice I combine creativity with meditation, somatic awareness exercises, and the healing powers of Reiki to facilitate growth, clear physical and emotional blockages, and activate chakra energy. This allows the body to open and hold space for positive transformation.

The site. A celebration of the empowered self with emphasis on reexamining, reframing, and rewriting the personal story. There is empowerment and joy in a life that has been claimed with self-love, mindfulness, and compassion. You are your own hero.

Gypsies Don’t Need Sofas.  What I said to my niece when she got upset that I was selling our purple ultrasuede couch and moving back to L.A for the sixth time.

Expand or Contract . . . It’s Up To You.  A subtle message sent by my guides through the mists of an early morning Easter Sunday sunrise in Ojai, California back in 2010. Later that day my friend and high school sweetheart ended his life, alone at dusk, behind a small rural church in central Virginia. Over the next 26 months, two more close friends died by suicide. Thus began a deliberate exploration of a grief that had walked silently yet ominously beside me since my dad’s death when I was 5 and that now, with a few swift and vicious kicks to the shin, had succeeded in bringing me to my knees.


Karal Gregory Images The Image Gallery page houses a collection of my photographs available for purchase in my Etsy Store.

Beagle Freedom Project Working to rescue, rehab, and rehome Beagles and other animals used in testing labs and to ultimately end animal testing worldwide.

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Expand or Contract . . . It’s Up To You Understanding and using energy to heal

Gypsies Don’t Need Sofas ~ A memoir

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